If you are a local business owner and do not have an internet presence, our consulting service will help you choose the best domain to digitize your company.


This service includes.


  1. Management of registration or purchase of domains.

  2. Management of renewal periods.

  3. Management of complete investment portfolios.

  4. Complete administration of the technical aspect. 

  5. Basic queries on domains, purchases and sale and similar topics 

  6. Valuation or appraisal of domains

Consulting service for companies and individuals

The price of the consulting service is variable depending on what the client wants. For basic consultations the price is € 50 per consultation. For records and portfolio management, the price ranges between € 200 and € 500. If you require valuation reports for a domain, this will be € 50 per domain and will include in detail the reasons for its value on the day of the appraisal. 


This service will be paid through Paypal or bank transfer.