Premium Domains - What is a Premium Domain?


On the Internet there are more than 200 million registered domains, since the technical difficulties of 10 years ago have been overcome, the purchase of domains has become a common practice. This has caused that now the difficulty when buying a domain is to find one available, which has caused certain domains to be awarded the Premium classification.

A clear example of a Premium domain is the one that recently bought for 30 million dollars, for its website The purchase of a Premium domain is considered one of the best investments because the keywords of your service are part of your email address, which is why Google places you in the first places of the searches.


What are Premium domains?


They are those that for natural reasons have a great impact on the network, which makes them a priority.


Anyone interested in knowing what Premium domains are will realize two considerable advantages once they have done their research.


  • The natural traffic: When a user searches in google, the first thing he does is type the main word, and once he finds it, he usually clicks on the site that is named as the searched topic is. It is a proven fact, so having Premium domains will undoubtedly give you that bonus. You will always be the first option.


  • Ability to be easily remembered with the main service you offer: it is inevitable that the search engines, since if the keyword is part of the name of your website and your domain, Google positions you within the first places when people search information related to this word, a very clear example is the domain, people looking for information related to the word hosting, will have as their first option the websites that contain this word within their title and email address


The price of Premium domains varies according to the owner, there are domains that have been sold for up to 8 million dollars, others that are not so in demand but that include valuable keywords are between 20 thousand and 40 thousand dollars.



The main points that determine the cost of a Premium domain are:


Age of the domain


Domain indexing capacity

Professional sector of the domain (for example, Tourism sector)

High quality

Great business value

More visits

Savings on advertising

Investment option


Why buy a Premium Domain?


Your domain is the cover letter of your company and is the main component of your path to success on the internet. Although many domain names are already taken for registration, more than 80% are undeveloped and available for purchase.


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